Loot the Solana space for randomly
generated items and abilities stored on-chain.
The items and abilities are your yellow ticket to our upcoming
3D game and community-based roadmap, Join or be left out!

Example Bags:

Roadmap SOLoot

  • 10% - Airdrop to OG community members

    10 SOLoot NFTs will be given away through a Discord raffle to the people who minted the first 10% of the lot!

  • 33% - Celebrated with $33,000 to the community wallet.

    All holders will get their say in what the community wallet should be spent on. Not only will we be doing huge giveaways of NFTs, SOL, etc. to our holders, but we will also use it to further improve on the project, bring on artists, launch new ideas, bring the digital project to the physical world and much more (scroll down to learn more).

  • 50% - 100 SOL giveaway for the people that minted the first 50% of the lot.

    We will be doing an exclusive giveaway to the people who minted the first 50% of the lot. 10 people will be given 10 SOL. The giveaway will be held through our Discord.

  • 75% - $25,000 will be donated to a charity chosen by the community.

    Since we are a community-first NFT project - we will give the power of choice to the holders. $25,000 will be donated to a charity chosen by our holders. A vote will be held in the Holder’s chat in the Discord server.

  • 100% - Merch store launch - 100 free units will be given away to holders.

    We will be giving away 100 pieces of merchandise in a raffle giveaway through our Discord. We will also make it possible to print your own SOLoot onto various merchandise. Crazy discounts will be given to holders, all profits from sales goes to the community wallet.

Future Roadmap 2.0

  • Exchanges:

    Our no. 1 priority after Roadmap 1.0 is completed is to get SOLoot launched on the biggest Solana NFT exchanges as soon as possible. Solanart, Digitaleyes etc.

  • Community wallet:

    15% of all royalties will go straight back into the community wallet. The funds in the community wallet will be used for our ongoing marketing plan to expand the knowledge and exposure of the SOLoot project.

    Furthermore, we will be using the community wallet to bring in artists that can bring the characters to life. Both in real life (and in game - more info to come!). The community wallet makes us able to pay the artists their true worth, create amazing community driven events, shine the light on this amazing project and much more!

    In addition, the community wallet will also be used to care for holders in a VERY generous fashion! Ongoing events, crazy giveaways of both ETH and SOL NFTs, coin-giveaways, exclusive memberships, access to new launches and much more! We’re just getting started!

Future Roadmap 2.5

  • Q3/Q4 - 2021

    Getting SOLoot listed on the biggest SOL NFT exchanges - Solanart, Digitaleyes, etc.

    Partner up with major influencers in the crypto and NFT space to get even more people onto the SOLoot project.

    Continue with our ongoing marketing initiatives to improve exposure of the project.

    Decide with the holders which charity we’re gonna be donating the $25,000 to.

    Additional giveaways for holders. Our focus is that your investment will provide you dividends for months/years to come from airdrops, giveaways, memberships and more.

    We will always be listening to the community for ideas regarding the path and road for the project - again, we’re community first.

  • Q1/Q2 - 2022

    Bring on artists to improve the merch store and brand. Bringing the digital character into the physical world with more clothing merchandise added to the store. 3D real life character models made from the digital SOLoots NFTs.

    Launch of new Loot project - 3D-rendered art & models. Holders get first access to minting at half the price. More info to come.

    The new Loot project will be in collaboration with big artists in the digital art & NFT space.

    Marketing plan 2.0 will be launched to create exposure for the new launch of SOLoots, and to strengthen the brand of SOLoot 1.0.

    - And then of course we’ll continue to spoil our Holders like no other community does!

  • Q3/Q4 - 2022
    Game development - use your SOLoot in our 3D rendered world!

    We will bring on a team of experienced game-developers to bring the 2 SOloots projects to life in the digital world. Use your SOLoots NFTs in our brand new immersive 3D rendered world. Play as your very own SOLoot character, and loot the world to upgrade your existing NFT (gear, abilities and more), and claim new tradeable NFTs!

    In collaboration with digital game artists we will be launching a new line of tradeable gaming NFTs that can be used to improve and upgrade your digital character in-game

    Launch of auction platform for the gaming NFTs and items that’s looted in game.

    More to come!